1.  React 24 Seven Ltd trading as CR5 Magazine, require written confirmation of all advertising requests and bookings, whether it be formal letter or email confirmation.
  2. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for changes to adverts unless they are confirmed in writing, by the Advertiser.
  3. All advertisement copy must be received by the cut-off copy date. The Publisher is not liable for any non-receipt or
    non-delivery of advertising copy.
  4. All advertisements are accepted subject to available space
  5. All advertisements are subject to the Publisher’s approval. The Publisher reserves the right to amend, edit, refuse,
    withdraw or otherwise deal with copy and artwork submitted as the Publisher deems fit.
  6. The Publisher reserves the right to position any advertisement where the Publisher decides and is under no obligation
    to move the advertisement.
  7. Whilst every care is taken, the Publisher is not liable for any loss arising from the failure of an advertisement to appear,
    nor is the Publisher liable for author’s or printer’s errors.
  8. Artwork, separations and all such material supplied to the Publisher shall be held for a period of up to 12 months after
    which the Publisher has the right to destroy it. Failure to provide material in the specified form will result in the Publisher producing material for the advertisement, which will be charged to the advertiser.
  9. The Publisher reserves the right to increase advertisement rates at any time.
  10. Whilst every effort is made to avoid errors, should they occur, the Publisher shall not be liable in the following
    • Where the error is due to incorrect or imprecise instructions from the advertiser
    • Where the copy has been given only verbally to the Publisher.
    • Where the Advertiser has not returned the advertisement proof to the Publisher within 24hrs of receipt of proof.
    • The Publisher cannot be held responsible for proofs that enter spam/junk Email boxes.
    • Where the proof of advertisement is signed as acceptable.
  11. The Publisher is not liable for any typographical errors or omissions that do not affect the impact of the advertisement. The Advertiser remains liable for payment of the relevant advert.
  12. The Advertiser warrants that any advertisement does not in any way contravene English Law and complies with the British Code of Advertising Practice and Trade Descriptions Act.
  13. The Publisher gives no warranty that the publication to which this order relates will be published and made available on any particular date and shall not be liable for any delays or non delivery.
    The Publisher gives no warranty that the publication will be delivered house-to-house or to drop off points in any area at any time.
  14. All artwork created by React 24 Seven Limited remains the property of React 24 Seven Ltd and must not be used in other publications without written permission or paying an appropriate design fee.


  15. All advertisements will be invoiced at the beginning of the month and shall be paid within 30 days of issue date.
  16.  All overdue accounts will lose the applied discount and costing will revert to the standard rate.


  17.  Cancellations of an order can only be made by way of written notice with a minimum of two weeks notice before each ARTWORK DEADLINE. (Letter or email accepted)
  18. Upon cancellation any discount previously agreed will not apply and your booking will revert to the standard rate. All payments must be cleared to terminate an agreed advertising contract.
  19. React 24 Seven Limited cannot be held responsible for standing order mandates not cancelled by the client.

    Non-Payment Of Fees

  20. If you fail to pay invoices within the specified 30 day terms, we reserve the right to
  21. Charge additional fees in accordance with the advertising contract and conditions 
  22. Charge interest on the unpaid amount at the rates specified by law.
  23. Suspend the services and any other work, which we are carrying out for you.
  24. Take whatever legal remedy exists in order to obtain payment.
  25. If you consider the fees, which we have charged, are excessive or unfair, you may within a period of seven days from the date of the bill, complain in writing specifying the cause of the complaint.
  26. If you do not make such a complaint within seven days of the receipt of the bill, our rights as specified above will apply.
  27. You agree to make known, in writing to us, any other lawful objections that may delay the payment of the invoice by the payment date shown.
  28. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation, if we are not paid according to our terms and conditions.
  29. These terms and conditions constitute a binding contract and no agent or representative of either party has the right to alter these terms and conditions in any way.
  30. This contract is governed by English Law.
  31. If at any time, any provision or clause of the contract or terms and conditions shall be held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, avoid or unenforceable, such provision shall be of no force and effect, but such illegality or unenforceability shall not affect the legality or enforceability of any other provision or clause which shall remain in full force and effect.
  32. These terms and conditions apply to any adverts placed now and any future advertising with React 24 Seven Limited.

    *Please note: Reference to the ‘Publisher’ and the ‘CR5’ refers to REACT 24 SEVEN LIMITED